Celline Harness

$28 $46

There’s absolutely no reason why your furry baby can’t look her or his best at all times — even if it’s just for a stroll in the park! 

Sheer sophistication makes the Celine Harness the choice for pampered pets everywhere! Each is tastefully embellished with little sparkling rhinestones and adorned with a lovely cute bow available in three colors. Featuring ultra soft and breathable inner mesh lining, secure and adjustable buckle closure at the neck and chest, "D" ring attachment. Reflective stitch design!🌟

The Celine Harness is available in three adjustable sizes and offer more comfort and control for your pets without restricting necks. 

Choose your favorite bow color and get your pup ready to make a fashion statement!✨

🖌Sizing Guide





8.5-11.5” in | 22-29 cm

10.5-14” in | 27-36 cm


11.5-15.5” in | 29-39 cm

14-19.5” in | 36-50 cm


15.5-19.5” in | 39-50 cm

19.5-28” in | 50-72 cm 

Measure Twice, Order Once!😀

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