'GO' Bluetooth Smart Dog Leash

$79.99 $119.99

💫Finally a device that tracks walking distances, times and walking routes for both dog and human health tracking! 

Introducing the GO Bluetooth enabled smart leash!

Simply install the PETKIT GO Application on all IOS and Android devices and pair with your smart phone. Once paired, the handle vibrates when receiving Notifications, Emails, Texts and incoming calls. Users can set a walking timer on their smartphone device and once the desired time is reached feel the vibration of the handle. 

Using MAPS this device tracks your actual walking route history on your smart phone. Users can also share their completed walking distances and roadmaps with loved ones and friends.

The 'GO' Leash also allows users to Pin Drop and share their location with a click of a button located above the handle.

No need for batteries, simply re-charge this device via USB and showcases battery life on your smart phone.

The Go Smart leash also features dual sided banded LED lights that are smart phone enabled and light intervals are controlled to 3 different settings of light and users can set a timer from their smart device to when they'd like these lights to automatically turn on and how they'd turn on.

If you're still not impressed, the GO leash features an additional super powerful frontal LED light that turns on by the click of a button located in front of the handle, great during night safety visibility.

Features an ergonomic grip composed of soft rubber for superb handling and comfort.

Comes with an included Tai-Chi leash that is composed of stretchable Nylon and built-to-last. The leash component buckles and snaps into place right into the GO handle like a seat-buckle, capable of withstanding over 1 full ton of pressure. 

⇢ Calculate Walking Time
⇢ Vibration Sensory Grip
⇢ Notification Vibration
⇢ Route Tracking
⇢ Surround LED
⇢ Insertable Leash
⇢ Flash Light

🖌Sizing Guide 
One size ⇢ Leash: 48" - 53" when stretched | Handle: 4.64"L x 1"W x 4.8"H


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