The Dreamy Yorker Soothing Donut Bed

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Humans aren’t the only living beings that can experience stress and anxiety. Dog psychologists have noted that dogs can feel anxious as well. Some of the conditions that can cause a dog to feel stressed include thunderstorms, being left alone or new visitors in the house. 

The Dreamy Yorker Soothing Donut Bed is specially designed to provide your pet with a soothing sanctuary – a peaceful place where he feels secure, warm and comfortable! That scent of fur and the warm feeling of being amongst their littermates after they’re born is a feeling they associate with security. The Dreamy Yorker can simulate that relaxing feeling and ease stress and anxiety. 

Aside from reducing anxiety, our calming donut bed can bring about other benefits:

📍 Your dog will learn how to handle stress better.
📍 The raised edges will help prevent stress on the neck and other joints.
📍 Your dog will fall asleep quicker and get more restful sleep.
📍 Restful sleep will help improve his immune system.
📍 Sleep can also help improve brain development, memory and learning capacity.

The Dreamy Yorker Soothing Donut Bed:

Easies anxiety and supports better sleep! Thanks to its round donut shape, our Dreamy Yorker Soothing Bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up! The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Provides superior comfort and enhanced snuggling experience! Ultra soft, flexible and cozy shag fur mimics mother’s fur coat inducing deeper sleep and giving your pup all the warmth and security they could possibly need.

Modern versatile design!  Available in different beautiful soft colors, the Dreamy Yorker Soothing Donut Bed will be a lovely addition to any room’s décor! It also has water and dirt-resistant non-slip bottom.

Safe for Home & Pets! Our dog bed is made with durable vegan polyester and filled with cotton fibers that consist of premium white poly filling that keeps its loft much longer than most standard fluffy pet beds. Tested through Consumer Product Safety Commission certified labs to ensure safety for you and your pet.

Provides easy maintenance! The Dreamy Yorker Soothing Donut Bed is machine washable, on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. 

🎁+Free Unique Gift🎁
With the purchase of The Dreamy Yorker Soothing Donut Bed you will receive *Calm Your Puppy* by Through a Dog's Ear - bioacoustically designed, clinically tested canine music that deeply calms and improves your pet's health and behavior. It relieves separation anxiety, masks sound phobias, quiets barking and ultimately lets your pup find their zen! Use *Calm Your Puppy* for:
▫️Easing sleep or nap time transitions
▫️Noise acclimation
▫️Veterinary visits
▫️Excitement with visitors
▫️Crate training
▫️Car rides
▫️Home training
▫️Potty training
▫️Relaxing together

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🖌Sizing Guide 
🍩 Small: Diameter ⇢ 50 cm | 20" in
🍩 Medium: Diameter ⇢ 60 cm | 24" in
🍩 Large: Diameter ⇢ 70 cm | 28" in
🍩 XLarge: Diameter ⇢ 80 cm | 32" in
🍩 XXLarge: Diameter ⇢ 100 cm | 40" in

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